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Motorbus24 OÜ offers a stable and available 24 hours a day bus ordering service.

It’s important for Motorbus24 to provide you with the best conditions for traveling especially in the Harjumaa region and in Tallinn, where the bus is often the most reasonable means of transportation. Among other things, bus also gives you and your friends an opportunity to go on excursions, tours and to other places.

If you want to organize an excursion or just throw a picnic for all your friends somewhere in the countryside, then you should call Motorbus24. In the Motorbus24 company it is possible to order a bus for both a working trip and for a pleasant tourism tour.

Motorus24 also offers you a chance to order a bus for “transfer”, excursions, bus tours and school excursions; we’ve got all kinds of busses, from 9-seaters to 49-seaters.

You can also order a bus to meet your friends/partners near the hotel, airport, harbor, bus or train station and to take them where they want to go.

“Transfer” means that our driver picks you up and takes you to a designated place. Both departure and destination points are chosen by client. Transfer is a good compromise between having to use taxi for transporting heavy and cumbersome luggage and having to wait for a more spacious, but slower public transport. Our company can offer you a minibus for “transfer”, we’ve got all kinds – from 9-seaters to 24-seaters.

The name Motorbus24 is easy to remember; you won’t have to spend any more time looking where to order a bus.

Our task is:
To provide the best conditions for traveling, so that clients may rest assured knowing they can get a bus anytime they want.